Within the true cereals breeding programmes, increasing importance is assigned to the new crop of winter triticale. The first results are obtained by recognition of Bc Goran, the first Croatian triticale variety. Excellent economic properties of Bc Goran and prompt multiplication of seeds have contributed to rapid spreading of this variety in production. Today, Bc Goran is the leading variety of triticale in Croatia, and it encompasses increasing areas of Serbia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina where it is also recognised. Because of the quality and its proportion on the areas of the Republic of Croatia, BC Groan is a winner of the “Golden seed” award for several years.

There is the newly recognised Bc variety of winter triticale, Bc Ranko, which possesses all positive economic properties as Bc Goran expected of a variety of winter triticale, and its greatest advantage is early ripening.


BC Goran
For cattle farming and industrial processing
• Vegetation length: medium late
• Height: 110 – 118 cm
• Resistance to lodging: excellent
• Mass of 1000 grains: 45-47 g
• Hectolitre mass: 71-76 kg
• Optimal sowing terms: 1 – 25 October
BC Ranko
Ensures high-quality forage with early vegetation period
• Vegetation length: early
• Height: 105-110 cm
• Resistance to lodging: very good
• Mass of 1000 grains: 40 – 44 g
• Hectolitre mass: 72 – 76 kg
• Optimal sowing terms: 1–20 October