A plant described by sun

Sunflowers origin is America. Ancient Mayas worshiped sunflower as a symbol of light and fertility and it vas introduced in Europe at the beginning of 16th century.

Today sunflower is produced as a very important plant for oil production, for forage and as a decoration for houses and gardens.

Sunflower seed contains about 38-45% oil, depending of hybrid, and is on top of the ladder for high quality oils. Sunflower feed is an excellent source of protein (around 24-44%) and if backed up with lysine it has the same biological value as soybean.

Areas in Europe under sunflower production are quite large and with tendencies to get even larger which gives this culture a bright future.

Bc institute, in cooperation with a well-known French partner Caussade-Semences, is proud to present you assortment of sunflower hybrid’s that have been tested in numerous trials by experts for our production area and will meet all of your expectations.

Hybrids from our assortment in most cases excide production and quality values of other hybrid’s being produced in Croatia and we are inviting you to experience that for yourselves.

Reliable hybrid for early and safe harvest
• Oil content: 47%
• Yield potential: 4,6 t/ha and above
• Height: around 150 cm
• Head position: 45°
• Tolerant to Orbanche
• Linoleic type
Imeria CS
Real empire under the sunflower in Clearfield system of production.
• Oil content: 45%
• Yield potential: 4.8t/ha
• Hight: 175cm
• Head position: 45°
• Linoleic type of sunflower
• Clearfield sistem of production
Marbelia CL
New genetics Hybrid - your winning combination
• Oil content: 47%
• Yield potential: 4,5 t/ha
• Hight: 190 cm
• Head position: 35°
• Tolerant to Orbanche
• Clearfield sistem of production
Resistance and productivity - New hybrid!
• Oil content: 47%
• Yield potential: 4,7 t/ha
• Hight: 150 cm
• Head position: 45°
• Tolerant to Orbanche
• Clearfield sistem of production