Culture from the „Old World“

Rapeseed origin is Asia and Europe (Mediterian region) and its oil was well known by ancient Greeks and Romans who used it for light in oil lamps.
Rapeseed is produced primarily for its high quality oil, seed contains about 49% oil and for its relatively high content of proteins, around 20%. Rapeseed oil is used as a refined oil for human consumption or in technical porpoises for production of paints and varnishes, lubricants, bio diesel, soaps and in textile and leather industries.

Rapeseed is also used for bird diets and oilcakes and meal, as a byproduct of oil extraction, are used as animal feed and represent an excellent source of protein.
Besides that rapeseed is also used as a fresh green feed for animals or it can be conserved for later use. Rapeseed is great for bees as a pasture crop and its early harvesting leaves the field in optimal conditions for easy and good soil preparation. Strong root development ensures good seed bead preparation and its leftovers serve to enrich and preserve the soil.

Bc institute, in cooperation with a well-known French partner Caussade-Semences, is proud to present you assortment of rapeseed hybrid’s that have been tested by experts for our production area and will meet all of your expectations.

Memori CS

"Rapeseed to remember"
• Type: Hibrid “00”
• Maturity: Mid late
• Oil content: 44.13% and above
• TGW: 4,8 g
• Glucosinolate: 15,7µmol/g
• Protein content (without fat): 17,3 %
Sirtaki CS
"Simple choice, the best choice"
• Type: Hibrid “00”
• Maturity: Mid early
• Oil content: 44.8% and above
• TGW: 5,4 g
• Glucosinolate: 12,1 µmol/g
• Protein content (without fat): 16,8 %
Sidoni CS

"Very productive, potential whatever the year"
• Hibrid “00”
• Mid early flowering and maturity
• Long flowering period
• Very insensitive to phoma
• Tall plant, very insensitive to lodging
• Good fecondation, seed filling and TKW