Pajdash – Golden seed of Croatia for the 10th time

On Thursday, November 12, the 13th International Congress “Plant Breeding, Seed and Nursery” was held in Osijek, organized by the Croatian Agronomic Society and the European Seed Association (ESA). For the first time, the congress went viral, it could be followed directly via the Internet via the Zoom application.

The prestigious “Golden Grain” award for the best-selling corn hybrid in the Republic of Croatia was won by Bc Institute’s hybrid “Pajdaš” again. This is also the jubilee since this is the tenth such recognition for this hybrid. The award was given by the Director of the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food Krunoslav Dugalić, Ph.D. who was the host of the 13th International Congress “Plant Breeding, Seed, and Nursery”. Kristijan Puškarić, the director of Seed Production received the plaque on behalf of the Bc Institute.

In the explanation of the recognition, it stands how there was 443,256.80 kg of certified Pajdaš seed hybrid in the last season of 2019/20. The total certified seed of maize seed was 3,420,111.35 kg which means that Pajdaš holds about 13 percent of the market share.

Thanking for the award and congratulating the winner in the soybean category at the award ceremony, he said:

“If my memory serves me well, this is the tenth “Golden seed” for Pajdaš and it may seem like a bombastic statement but it really proves that the work we do is worthwhile, that we – the domestic companies are competitive and that we have products that market recognizes and accepts. We hope and will do our best to remain so in the future.

Pajdaš has been the number 1 hybrid on the market all these years, it has a unique image that is composed of great adaptability to all agro-ecological conditions, stability in high results throughout years, as well as the grain quality and “its famous red color”.

Winners of the prestigious Golden Seed Award for 2019/20. year: Agricultural Institute Osijek, Bc Institute, d.d., Zagreb

photo: Renata Prusina – Agroklub

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