Healthy nutrition in schools

On Wednesday, October 25th, for the students of the sixth and the eighth grade and on October 30, 2017, for the pupils of the fifth and seventh grade of our school, a lecture on healthy eating was organized. The lecturer was Katarina Jukić from Bc Institute for Plant Breeding. Many disciples enjoyed the lecture because it shows us a completely new way of looking at everyday activity that is valuable in studying and thinking.

At the end of the lecture, several girls shared our healthy snack bags prepared by our lecturer and in which we all enjoyed it. The lecture was also the presentation of the eco-project “We Eat Responsibly” and the School Project “My Classroom Menu”. The main goal of the project is to encourage thinking – What do I eat?, How much waste do I produce? Who is and how did my food been produced? The first project is intended for Eco-Schools of the Republic of Croatia and aims to contribute to the mobilization of young people to take care of the preservation of nutritional values ​​of food, to focus attention on the quantity and quality of the food they consume, water consumption, energy invested, biodiversity preservation and food shortage managment!

For more information on the project “We’re Responsible” visit their website:

By the end of this week, students can take part in a prize winning quiz by answering questions on the topic of healthy eating. On Monday, under a big school break for students from 5th to 8th grade, we will draw the luckiest prize winners from the many accurately-filled questioneries provided by the lecturer and the Bc Institute.

For your own selfless contribution, we warmly thank you.


On Monday, November 6th, during a snack under the big break in the dining room, among the students of the 5th-8th grade, the winners of the awards were presented by Mrs. Katarina Jukic from the Bc Institute who recently lectured on healthy eating. In the prize draw, only the lists that were solved completely correctly were taken into account, and there were so many. The awards secured for fifth, sixth, seventh and eight graders were very practical – cool bags, water bottles and t-shirts.

Congratulations to the winners and thank Mrs. Jukić and the ecologists for help.

The text is downloaded from the official site of  OŠ SESVETE.

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