Golden Seed no7 for “Pajdaš” hybrid

In the period from 8 to 10 November 2017 in Sv. Martin on Mura 10th International Congress “Plant Breeding, Seed and Nursery” and 5th Regional Days of Seeds were held. A total of 60 participants attended the conference with a total of 46 exhibitions. After welcoming the words from dr. Sc. Josip Haramija, prof. dr. sc. Krinoslava Zmaić, Dean of the Agricultural Faculty from Osijek and prof. Ph.D. The Government of the University of Osijek, Mr. Guberc, also addressed the Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Ph.D. Jelena Đugun who awarded the award “Gold Seed” that they won:

Bc Institut d.d.- hybrid PAJDAŠ
Agricultural Institute Osijek – Soya IKA

Croatian Society of Agronomists awarded “Golden Seed” award to Bc Institut d.d. in the category of “The most widespread maize hybrid in the Republic of Croatia in 2017” for Pajdaš hybrid. The recognition was received by the president of Bc Institut Management dr. sc. Ivica Ikić. This is Pajdaš hybrids  7th award in 8 years.

Kristijan Puškarić started the presentation with the topic “Situation in Croatian Seed and Plant Breeding”. Through an interesting lecture, a comparison of the number of sown hectares of cereals was made between 2014 and 2016, as well as a comparison of the quantity of certified seed. The conclusion is that the number of hectares sown with wheat, corn and barley decreases as well as the amount of certified seed, while soy and triticale are growing.

From the lectures of the HGK representative, the trend of increased import of food in the Republic of Croatia (2016- 14% higher than in 2012), as well as the trend of increased wheat exports, is noticed.

From the Semenars Association of Serbia, interesting lecture was given by Sandra Bogdanović, who pointed out some interesting facts:

Serbia owns 5.7 million hectares of agricultural land, of which 4.2 million hectares are cultivated
41% of the population lives in the rural area of ​​Serbia
agriculture and the food industry in GDP participate with a high of 11.9%.
With the seed in neighboring Slovenia, Jozie Jerič met us, who emphasized the importance of the use of certified seed, as well as the fact that from Slovenia are the most abundant corn crops from 250 hybrids, 80 cereal grains, potatoes with 110 varieties on the market, and reduce the culture of 55 varieties.

A panel discussion on “New concepts of finishing and seed treatment” started with the presentation of Kristijan Puškarić who talked about the events at the annual meeting of the European Seminary Association held in Latvia. In the panel discussion, great emphasis was placed on banned nicotine-based treatment agents and seeking alternative solutions for them.

Bc Institut, d.d. he presented two works:

Harvest and quality of Bc winter wheat harvest in harvest in 2017 (exhibitor: Katarina Jukić)
Experimental BC hybrids for 2016 (exhibitor: Mirko Jukić)
Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, as in the previous years, were present only at the opening of the Congress as well as at the award of “Gold Seed” while remaining in the remaining lectures. Unfortunately, it can again be concluded that breeders, seedlings, scientists and producers present their experiences, problems, ideas for progress. However, those who should listen to them also on the basis of what they hear refute (change, improve) – not.

Text by: Dr. Katarina Jukić


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