Maize Field Day in Rugvica!

September 14th 2017 Bc Institute organized traditional “Maize day” in Rugvica, where over 200 guests from Croatia and abroad attended. First presentation was held by PhD, Mirko Jukić who presented commercial wheat hybrids BC323, Thriller, Alibi, BC406, BC424, and BC525 as hybrids that have excellent resoults in the rainy years favorable for corn growing, as they were in 2014 and 2016, but also have good yields in dry years as in 2015 and 2017. In addition to these commercial hybrids, three new corn hybrids TRIO, INSTRUKTOR and BC415 were introduced, which will be located next year in a macro trials network both in Croatia and abroad. Those hybrids also have added value due to their pronounced tolerance to stressful production conditions, such as drought.

PhD. Katarina Jukić presented a whole assortment of BC grain cereals for the upcoming sowing season.

At the end of the programme, Djuro Lukić presented the results of the macrotrials with BC hybrids of 2016.

After the presentation, manufacturers had the opportunity to look at the experiment with a total of 54 corn hybrids, containing corn hybrids from FAO Group 200 to FAO Group 700, representing the total range of commercial hybrids beginning with the old verified hybrids and ending with the most recent creations of our breeding team.

For more details, visit the photo gallery.

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