The Capital Market Act (hereinafter: CMA – OG no. 88/2008) prescribes that the issuers whose securities are admitted to a stock exchange should publicly disclose prescribed data and information pertaining to their business activity or related thereto, which affect or may affect decisions of potential investors when they make decisions on disposal of issuer’s securities (price sensitive information). The obligation of public disclosure of data and information, as well as notification of other entities (Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency, stock exchange) is prescribed in greater detail by subordinate legislation and rules of the stock exchange.

The issuer shall perform its obligation of public disclosure of the information by publishing it on its web site. Some of the published information are of periodic nature (financial statements) and others are published immediately upon learning about them.

In addition to fulfilling the prescribed obligation of the Company, the content of the web site expresses the intent of the Company management to inform its shareholders and the public on all important information and events pertaining to the Company.