The Bc Institute for breeding and seed production of field crops Zagreb is a seed production company with its own breeding programmes of the most significant arable crops. The company is oriented towards markets in the country and abroad through production, improvement and sale of own hybrids and varieties. Bc Institut was founded in 1897 as the Land Chemical and Analytical Institute (Zemaljski kemijsko-analitički zavod). It changed its name several times since its founding, and it got its present name in 1961. In the course of its operations, it developed into the largest institution in the field of breeding of farm crops in Croatia. Since 1997, Bc Institut d.d. Zagreb operates a joint stock company registered as a scientific research institution. Operation of the company is organised through scientific research and business teams. The company is managed by the Management situated in its registered seat, at the following address: Rugvica, Dugoselska 7.


Vision of Bc Institut is to be a modern and efficient seed production company creating its own farm crop cultivars, produces and distributes high-quality seeds of its design and contributes to improvement of agricultural production and quality of life of its consumers. Vision of Bc Institute is to build and maintain long-term relationships with partners and consumers offering them original products and services adapted to their individual needs. By implementing scientific achievements and methods in development of new products, Bc Institut seeks to respond to all market demands, and ensure stability of its business through recognition of new business opportunities and market tends, as well as development of human resources.


In its operation, Bc Institut is guided by principles of socially responsible business. In our operation, we support and promote principles of sustainable development, economic effectiveness, sanitary soundness, environmental acceptability and social responsibility, and it devotes great attention to employee relationships, environmental protection and responsible attitude towards the social community in all segments of its operations. In achieving of these objectives, we are guided by internationally recognised standards (ISTA, OECD...). Through donations and sponsorships, we support projects promoting healthy lifestyles, conservation of traditional values, culture, education and vulnerable social groups. We have participated in activities od the Nation Committee for monitoring of negotiations on Croatian accession to the European Union, and now we are participating in activities of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and many other organizations, initiatives and working groups.