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Bc hybrids in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

From 19 to 24 September, representatives of the Bc Institute Ph.D. Ivica Ikić, CEO and Kristijan Puškaric, ME, Director of seed production, visited northern part of Portugal, as well as the Azores, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which territorially belongs to the Republic of Portugal. During six days visit, the representatives of the Bc Institute were able to convince that Bc hybrids are sown widely at large agricultural areas around cities Esposende and Barcelos. In these northern regions of Portugal, maize is growing mainly for silage because the local farmers on their farms used to feed cows for milk production.

Mostly in irrigation conditions, local farmers achieve average yield of silage around 70 to 80 tons per ha, and often more than that. From all Bc maize hybrids, the most represented is Bc hybrid 678. Beside Bc hybrid 678, the following hybrids are also growing: Bc 6661, Bc 418 B, Bc 572, Bc 5982 and Pajdaš. We are glad that our new Bc hybrids such as Bc 616, Bc 525, Bc 707 and Mejaš are in a great condition, so we can expect excellent results from them in the coming years.

After the visit of continental part of Portugal, Mr. Ikić and Mr. Puškarić visited the Azores, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, at about two and a half hour plane ride from Porto. A fabulously green island where dominates agricultural production and within it, the production of dairy products, truly was a unique experience that has no one from the Bc Institute experience yet. As at the continent, also at the Azores, the Bc hybrids are very well accepted and represented at the local farmers. At the island there are even 800 ha under Bc hybrids and all of them are in a very good shape, so they promise a lot. Whether they are already well-known hybrids or new one, local farmers are very happy to grow them.

In any case, Bc hybrids achieve excellent results in Portugal and we can expect that in the coming years, thanks to the new hybrids, Bc hybrids will be even more present at the demand and challenging European market.